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Monday, April 26, 2010

That was fun!

I consider the signing a smashing success -- wasn't very publicized in the town where it happened, but I had lots of friends and family rally and come from as far away as 100 miles (Holls, you rock, and so does your mama!). Met a few new readers, met one Facebook friend for the first time. Lots of laughing and fun.
So today will be a little different on the ole blog. Usually it's all about pattering, but today we'll have photos...

Tha's me, and all my goods. Somehow situated in front of somebody else's big old book display. We eventually angled my table a little so it didn't look like the "damn Mennonite book" was mine. And thanks to dear hubby, I had space for all my goods, because I was set up with just half that table space -- one of those itty bitty cafe tables. Heh. Little did they know all the goods I was going to drag in there!

That's my pal Holly, and I can't even remember what silly conversation we were having, for us to end up with those expressions.
It looks like I've just seen the "money scene" in The Full Monty, but I'm really not sure what was going on. Just good times. Perhaps I was puzzling over what the heck to write in somebody's book. That's definitely tougher than I'd imagined. Will have to work on thinking-while-signing-and-talking-skills.

Photo credits go out to Pal Amanda, who missed an entire day with her hubby and toddler to loiter with me, take pictures, and generally be supportive in all the important ways. And she even paid for copies of my books! :) Which probably makes her my Number 1 customer, because she also has ebook copies (which are rather hard to sign, but hey A, I'll be happy to sign your ebook reader! ).

I'll probably have a few more photos tomorrow.

Autumn Piper

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Morgan O'Reilly said...

Congrats on the signing! Looking good there Ms. Piper. Only wish I could have been there!

Felicity Kates said...

AAAAAAAAH! Awseome! You look fabulous and sooo glad you had a great time.

Jasmine Black said...

Way to go! I'm so excited for you. You have worked really hard and deserve it. Your writing rocks.