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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Moment of Silent Panic

I realized this weekend that it's only 2 weeks until my signing at Borders. (which, now, is less than 2 weeks away... as they'd say on Scooby Doo, "Zoiks!") And since I've somehow managed to give out almost all the black-with-blue-embroidery-flowered sunglass bags (see them here), I've now got to start sewing like a fiend!

Got a super-fantastic-nice email from a reader (dare I say "fan") on Saturday after she finished reading Trouble Under Venus--gave me goosebumps and then brimming eyes. Way wonderful to receive. She loved Goodbody and says
"and as for....Goodbody...well, all I can say is he is one of my most favorite ooey gooey heroes for 2010...ahhhhh..." She went outside to look at Venus when she'd finished, which is like a homerun in a writer's book, I'd say. I'd love to share her whole message, but it'd be an enormous spoiler. Suffice it to say, her tears were jerked at the tearjerker scene.

Ta-ta, and wish me speedy needles!

Autumn Piper

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