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Monday, April 5, 2010

It wasn't what I expected, but....

I do love my cover for Falling Star Trouble (and have I mentioned, a really cool bonus of working with a digital publisher is I get neat surprises like this on the weekend, whereas I'm sure some "big New York" outfits only go to the office on weekdays). It's different than my other covers -- having a chick and all -- but all the elements I asked for are there.

An inside secret for my blog followers: Cara is not wearing pants in this picture. I did ask my cover artist (Renee Rocco, and she's awesome) to move Brady and Cara down a bit so the nudey petootie wasn't quite so evident. :) My husband asked me what the heck I was thinking...
See, another bonus of working with a digital publisher. Cover art request? No problem!

Have a good Monday.

Autumn Piper
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