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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's, anyone?

It's been a lot of years since I cooked up a really good April Fool's gag. Will have to work on that today.

One year when I worked as an optometric assistant, I really messed with my coworkers. The front office lady was OCD -- I mean, she was a pencil straightener, a line-up-appointment-book-with-edge-of-desk-er, the kind of person who filed stuff the second it landed in her Inbox, but first stopped to re-straighten the pencils, then fixed them again when she returned to her desk... Well, I dug out 6 patient files with unusual names, 3 of them on the ancient side, and stuck them in her box to be filed. Which she promptly put where they belonged. And I promptly pulled and slipped into her box again when she wasn't looking. About the 6th time, she asked the office manager and I if we knew why she kept seeing the same files. LOL. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep a straight face for the conversation...
But she did help me out with convincing one of the docs that he had a very late appointment with Problem Patient. He was not at all happy. Even when we told him it was a joke and he didn't really have to see his Number One Pain in the Butt... Perhaps his toupee was on too tight? :)

So. What's your favorite April Fool's joke? Do tell! Below! In the Comment section!

Autumn Piper

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