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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I think it's genetic.

Remember back to school days, when a teacher would give a writing assignment of so many "pages"? And most of the class would subsequently start putting much larger spaces between their words, stretch their handwriting to newer and bigger letters, and maybe even try to sneak in a couple of sheets of wide-ruled paper in an effort to make their paltry words fulfill the length requirement?

Yeah, I remember that too (wasn't me, but I remember seeing it!).

Last night my daughter was telling me they'd begun this writing assignment she's been looking forward to (yes, some kids DO look forward to them, that's my point...). Well. She's bummed because the teacher told her she could only write 3 pages. Max. And in an effort to get in all the details she wanted for this narrative, the last several lines she ended up writing microscopically, scrunching double rows of text per line. She laughed about it and figures her teacher will have to go get a magnifying glass to read them.

Yeah, that's my girl. :)

Happy Tuesday.

Autumn Piper

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KJ Roberts said...

In fairness, the teacher probably has 30 kids in the class. With 3 pages each, that's 90 pages to read and grade. And that's just one class, one assignment.

But yeah, my kids are the ones who stretch out the words. What I'm excited about is kids will have to take a creative writing class in the 10th grade. Next year my daughter will have to take it. I'm wondering what she will have to do.