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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still surprises me

I got another of those fantastic (and by fantastic I mean, yes, as a new writer I've long fantasized about getting these. Many a time) email from a reader. She loved the book she read, is going to buy my backlist, and went to my website, where she found the loot page and subsequently requested I send her the bookmarks and sunglass saver sack. Perfect! That's what I believe building a writing career is all about -- acquiring loyal readers and establishing a relationship with them.

So how the heck does that happen? I mean, really. Of all the books out there for sale, how exactly did she happen across mine? I can attribute a certain number of my sales to the stunning covers Renee designs. Eyecatching is good. But it's not as if I've got a million-dollar publicity campaign going, or like my books were mass-produced and landed on retail endcaps across the nation. Somehow readers are perusing the net, coming across my books, and going for them. I like it!

I also see a steady rise in the number of visits to my site, and that always (pleasantly) surprises me. Of all the websites on the internet, why....? Some might be readers, some probably potential readers who are shopping books and decide to look me up. In this case, I truly hope what I've got on my site makes me appear interesting and fun, just as I hope my books are.

No matter what's driving women to buy my books, and visit my site, it's a trip. A real trip!

Happy Thursday to everyone. I've got a sad day ahead, but really needed to focus on some positive things for a few. And people reading my books does make me happy. :)

Autumn Piper
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Anonymous said...

That's awesome P! I'm glad that your sales are doing well and you are getting good response and people buying your books :) I'm sorry you have a sad day *hugs* anything I can do to help, let me know!!