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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Once a Mommy...

Last night was a toughie around here. Apparently the neighbor kids have had some kind of stomach flu (scratch that, upon further investigation, ALL the neighbors have had it), and since my kids have been playing outside with them...

Yep. My son came down with it yesterday afternoon. He's like I was as a kid--when other people catch these things, they are over them in a day, but he (like the young me) gets sick for days. Poor dude was just heaving and moaning continually for almost 8 hours. Dad and sister went outside because they couldn't stand hearing it. He finally did get some rest, a little after midnight. Here's hoping the thing is gone now and he'll be better today when he gets up.

What I learned was that it's just as hard to watch your teenager suffer through being sick as it is to watch your toddler. You're still just as helpless, and so are they.

So now we wait to see if the rest of the household will get it, like they did next door... and wouldn't ya know, we're supposed to leave on a camping trip tomorrow afternoon.

Off to snuggle with the bottle of Germ-X.

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