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Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Monday, another blog opp. Where to start?

Only 11 more days to RomCon, and that's pretty darn exciting. Almost every day now, my Google Alerts pop up with somebody's blog about it, and when they list the events they'll be attending, my name is included on the itinerary (it's there automatically if they copy-n-paste from RomCon's schedule; they aren't putting me in there with a purposeful "whoopee, it's Autumn Piper". Not this year, yet. :) ) Readers are totally stoked about this convention, and I'm getting there too. Can't deny I've got a little starstruck going on myself at the prospect of meeting Carly Phillips. She was probably my first venture into chick-lit, and hooked me on the genre. Still -- got a few hundred book marks to cut out and laminate and trim, a brochure to create, and sexy mad libs to make up, plus getting my hair trimmed and coloring it, oh and did I mention after months of clear skin I've suddenly got Mt. Vesuvius surging out the side of my chin? Figures.

Camping -- went somewhere new over the weekend. A neat little campground hosted by a really nice retired couple. Hubby looked at a job nearby. Not a "side" job, because it looks like later this week, contracting electrical work on his own will be his business. His days as an employee are now (involuntarily) numbered, and we're definitely into the count-'em-on-one-hand digits. Basically, when this big project ends, they are out of work. So that's a little stressful... maybe. Could turn out to be a good thing. Anyway. Lots of bike riding (around the campground as well as up a hiking trail which was littered with tree roots and rocks, and totally made me feel like one of those badass mountain bikers cruising down steep terrain on commercials, LOL), so certain muskles (Popeye's word, not mine) have got lots to say to me today!

Possible career change -- my publisher recently lost its managing editor and I'm seriously considering tossing my hat in the ring. Lots of pros and cons going on, but it'd sure be nice to have an income year-round instead of 9 months of the year (and several of those months are kinda short on workdays). Although... those months I get to work lots really do pay off! I do loved subbing, love the kids and the interaction with other people (read: friends). Not entirely sure I want to give that up. And yet, if I could have a routine -- a schedule-- again. Man. Take the kids to school, go for my walk, come home and write. Do my editing work... Wow. That would be pretty darn spectacular. Some big brain-squeezing to do.

Anyway. Have a great Monday (c'mon, yes it IS possible). Or else.

Autumn Piper

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