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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

I'm a coupon lady. My main purpose with the Sunday paper is to obtain coupons. I get them in the mail from my favorite supermarket, clip them from magazine pages, and subscribe to online coupon sites where I can get the deals sent directly to my shopper's saver card.

Sometimes I'm a bit disorganized with it, and I can't always remember whether I have a coupon for this or that at any given time, and sometimes I even forget to bring the coupons along when I shop (*gasp!*). More than once, I've even had all my coupons out and then just forgotten to hand them to the cashier (like a big old bubble head).

Still... there's no high quite like scoring a super coupon and having it doubled on some already-on-sale item, or having your "You saved $X.xx today" amount come to half your total. Hey, if I can get the checker who's been at my supermarket longest to raise her eyebrows when she tells me what I saved, I sometimes do the big fist-pump in the air. (Probably not cool in an MTV way, but hey... cool is relative, right?)

So imagine my dismay this morning when I looked high and low and could not find my trusty expandable coupon file thingy. Oh, the horror! On panicked recollection, I realized I'd left it in the child seat of the cart Friday at Walmart. The kids and I were rushing, and I've got no one to blame but myself. But... *sob* All my coupons? Gone? Just like that?

Dangit. Well, I had to try... Went to the service desk at Wally World and guess what? Two employees looked high and low, and finally found it in one of the cubbies under the desk! All there! Some store employee probably found it when shagging carts. But whoever it was, really made my morning.

Back in bizness, folks. Back to saving. And it's the end of the month so I'd better see if there's any offers I need to take advantage of...

Autumn Piper

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Stephanie said...

LOL! I am a super coupon clipper too! And I have left it in the cart before...never to be seen again.