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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unexcused absence?

I opened my Blogger dashboard today and realized I'd completely forgotten to blog yesterday. Oops. That hasn't happened since I was very busy working and sick as well. No, I'm not sick. Or working (technically).

The truth is, I've been in sewing hell, constructing the sunglass sacks for goody bags at RomCon. Making progress for sure, but really feeling the deadline loom. My good pal Amanda took 50 of them off my hands yesterday, which is a huge relief. I think with the ones I've finished now, that puts me at 275 left to go. 100 still need silkscreened and pressed; 150 need pressed only, but I do have all the drawstrings cut.

Not that any of this makes interesting blogfodder...

So I'm back at it, between baseball camps and baseball practices, plus babysitting certification classes. There's a light glowing at the end of my tunnel though. Always good to have a finite number to work toward.

Happy summer!

Autumn Piper

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