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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not a midnight chariot race

This post is unrelated to writing... but,

Take a gander at our neighbors. During the daytime, they get to roam around our house and their owners', and at night they go in a back pasture, which seems to have become "old hat" for them, because they've gotten good at escaping it lately.

This little dude is just shy of 3 months old, and so full of it. He's curious and playful. Tries to taste and chew everything in sight, including the shoe brush outside, welcome mat, charcoal grill... one morning he at some hot dog buns I'd thrown out for the birds! Like any baby or toddler learning about his world, he wants to see what things feel like, and since he doesn't have hands, his lips do the trick.

Like in this picture, he's more after chewing on the wire than the tree inside.

Last night after we'd gone inside and the neighbors had gotten home and penned the horses, hubby and I were watching TV (Golden Girls, one of my alltime faves) when I heard this racket outside. Sounded like a damn chariot race! THUMP! THUmp! Thump!.... Thump! THUmp! THUMP! back and forth, and then this high-pitched whinny. So we go outside and discover little Warrior racing back and forth in front of the electric fence, calling to his mama, confused as heck. All alone. Sweaty, scared...

Mama and the other big folks had gotten the gate open and were partying down in another neighbors very green and tall pasture. Poor little guy! He couldn't figure out how to get to them. Maybe he was snoozing when they all took off. We helped get him calmed down and penned, then round up the big horses (who were not too pleased to learn the grain we brought had been used to dupe them into complacency while they were haltered).

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