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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the big (little) house

Ah, summertime. When kids try to sleep pretty much anywhere but in their own beds.

Last night, my kids slept in the loft of my daughter's "playhouse". Really, at her age it's probably going to be more of a clubhouse where she can hang out, but she's thrilled with it either way. Daddy's gotten enough done on it now, she cleaned it up last night and wanted to sleep there.

This is the back -- it's got siding, all ready for the electrical panel (yes, electrical! This hangout is going to have recessed lighting and everything). The side with the windows is hers; the other half is a storage shed for all Things Too Important to Get Rid of, But Not Important Enough to Be In the House.

And this is her front door -- it was early when I took this photo, so it looks dark. It's still a work in progress. One day it'll have front steps and the siding, which we'll paint something fun. Inside will probably be purple after the drywall is done.

But last night, it was just bare plywood and studs inside, and the kids told scary stories til they fell asleep. How kidlike is that?

And... that's my news for today.

Autumn Piper
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