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Friday, June 25, 2010

So I'm weird... it helps me write.

(No, Amanda, this does not mean I've come over to the dark side and now like Sweet-n-Sour with my McNuggets. I'm still a BBQ girl.)

But some people might think this is weirder...

Picture a grown woman sitting at the kitchen table at 5:30 a.m., putting together a kids' 100 piece puzzle.

Yep, that's me. Something about putting together puzzles makes everything click in my upstairs region, and gets the thoughts flowing smoothly so I can write. Is it the tactile work, or the matching colors and shapes? Dunno, but it works.

So why don't I do a "grownup" puzzle? Well, having a nice 1000 piece puzzle around is a gargantuan distraction. It's hard for me to get anything else done at all, plus the darn thing takes up so much space. Thus, I slink over to the chest coffee table and grab one of my kids' puzzles. Today was Swan Lake Barbie (not much color variety there, looked like pink and purple had a head-on collision. Even the dang horse is pink!), yesterday it was Scooby Doo. Got a Harry Potter awaiting me still, and Wizard of Oz.

I do kinda wish for some adult pictures. Like a 100 piece Orlando Bloom, or maybe the cast of The Big Bang Theory... Even CSI or Law and Order SUV would be fine. Oh my lord. What about a Seely Booth puzzle? Be still my racing pulse!

And hey, I might be fighting off Early Onset Alzheimers...

Have a great weekend.

Autumn Piper

Got romance?

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Stephanie said...

I love sweet n sour sauce on my McNuggets! I get it for my fries too! Just had that for dinner last night! YUM!!!

Can we have some 100 piece shirtless men Bradley Cooper or Zac Efron or Ryan Reynolds...Paul Walker....ok..I'll stop..... Would it be weird if we write the puzzle company and requested it??