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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building bounty

Prep work continues for RomCon. I've got bookmarks (about 375) printed, cut, and laminated -- which leaves trimming them from the laminate sheets. Business cards are here and (lovely) ready to forget. For some reason I keep thinking I'll forget them when we leave next week...

Working on a tri-fold travel brochure for one of my books. Man, those things take a long time to set up! And print!

Got all my display hardware - acrylic sign holders, brochure holders (will double as bookmark display), and book stands. Really wanted to get one of those bigass poster-size copies made of the Lone Star Trouble cover -- that guy really attracts attention, LOL. But still not sure how much real estate I'll get at my table, so it could be a waste of money.

About 50 extra sunglass sacks are ready for me to take along and hand out, and I've got copies of my books.

I never imagined it'd take this long to get ready for a convention. Can't imagine going to several a year... well, yeah I can. :) Here's hoping good things happen at this one so I can become more of a "regular".

Autumn Piper
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