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Friday, July 9, 2010

New favorite thing

Ahhh, July 9th. (Yes, I completely neglected July 8th blog-wise --I thought of Piper Patter a couple of times but honestly just had too dang much going on to sit still and post) I've been waiting for this day for a long time. (RomCon!!! Sound the party blowers, RomCon Day is here!) Both this date specifically, and also my first writing conference.

I did great getting ready yesterday, despite printer failure, errands, and impending acne. Everything is packed (at least I hope, I mean, I woke with that shaky, sweaty feeling, with blood rushing round so fast it leaves tracks in my eyes and I can't tell whether to eat or be sick... but then, it was 5 AM, which is just too dang early!)

So this is my cuter-than-cute trunk (Target) to haul around all my convention stuff including my own books, bookmarks, etc. Hubby loaned me his toolbag wheelie cart. I hope it looks sharp -- this was one of my biggest worries. How to get all my stuff from A to B without having to lug a couple of giant boxes around? Looked at rolling luggage, but it has that H-grid inside for the slide up handle, which wouldn't be flat or good for books riding inside. Anyway, once I'm back home again, I can then store all my books and promo stuff inside it, too.

In the middle of all my stressing and mind-racing this morning, I found the nicest note from hubby on the kitchen table. Telling me how proud he is... and lots of other stuff that got me all teary and warm and fuzzy.

Well. We've got a couple of stops to make this morning -- thus the early start -- so off I go.

Have a great weekend!

Autumn Piper
Got romance?

PS I even remembered to bring along a couple of books to have signed by Lori Foster and Carly Phillips. Lori and Carly!!! I'm gonna meet them! At the same place, how cool is that?

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Tory M said...

Can't wait to see you there! This should be awesome!