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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog neglect

OK. So I'm getting very derelict in my blogging duties. Probably shouldn't beat myself up, as long as I post sometime during the day, but I've always made it a habit to do that early in the morning...

Kinda pulling my hair out this week -- I've got line edits back on one of my own manuscripts, plus I need to complete another round of content edits for a book I'm editing.

And have I mentioned all the stuff I'm trying to do, to get ready for RomCon? Oh yes, that's right... I have. At length. Well, just got notification over the weekend of another workshop/meet and greet I signed up for and am now included in. EEk. I think I'm mostly ready for at least one of those. I think...

Happy Monday!

Autumn Piper
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