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Monday, July 19, 2010

Deep fried writing brain

It's what every writer fears most--being "blocked." And I fear I've caught it. Whether from just having too many things going on and not enough consecutive time to sink into a story or something else, I don't know. I have had some story ideas tickle my muse, but I seem to start them and then... kaput. The inspiration just fades away.

So I dug out my oldest, my first manuscript, which I've written and re-written and then completely ditched and started to write again in my newer, more mature writing voice. Hits and Misters. (I've affectionately named the file "Take 975" because it feels like that many different versions now) I don't have to plot or figure out motivations, per se, because that part has already been done in a very purple, very tell-y way. (and about 100k too many words!) I do still like the characters and the story, so maybe, just maybe this will get all my writing parts clicking together again.

Keep your fingers crossed for me when you aren't typing with them!

Autumn Piper

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Maya said...

Will keep fingers firmly crossed, chica. Sometimes going through old work and fixing stuff helps loads. I think it's giving your creative mind a rest and get tweaking helps with the flow of things. Hope the muse flies back home soon.