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Monday, July 12, 2010


Like multitudes of other authors and bloggers today, I'll write about this weekend's conference.

My first event Friday was called Author Fairy Godmothers to the Rescue. In the description, it was laid out to be for readers who wished to help out their favorite authors. As a panel, we planned discussions on reviews, blogging, social networking and the like. In other words, word of mouth the 2010 way. The panel consisted of several authors (of which I was the newest and least successful) and a couple of editors (one of these was Deb Werksman, from Sourcebooks, who I ran into in several places, and she's very nice). Our audience included a few bloggers, readers, writers, and reviewers (including Joy, from Joyfully Reviewed, and by the way Joy, I like to be notified when my book is reviewed, I always send a thank-you, and I don't think reviews should be dishonestly kind, but I suppose if other authors feel/react differently, that's their choice.). It seemed a few (or at least one) guests attended solely for the purpose of obtaining snark material for their blog... but hey. They've gotta dredge material from someplace, right? I thought it was fun, until from lack of oxygen I sort of lost my breath during my spiel and became incomprehensible for a few seconds. High point of this event for me? Sitting Right. Next. to Carly Phillips!!! It was so awesome. Still, I didn't muster the nerve to really speak to her during the panel. :)

My second event was the Build a Hero workshop, totally fun, where 2 authors per table worked with attendees and created a hero. Ours didn't win the popular vote, but I'll be including our hero -- Donovan Curtis, environmentalist/marine biologist extraordinaire working undercover on an oil rig -- in a novella. The marvelous Accomplice Press offered to publish these novellas if we didn't have other options. (more about the supernice Delinda Jasper from Accomplice later)

That was the end of Friday for me. Somehow in personnel changes, my box of goodies AKA 500 Handsewn Sunglass Sacks -- got lost/never made it to RomCon. I was pretty broke up about it. Went to dinner with the family, which took longer than we planned, then the mall, and crashed early back in the room. Only a few tears, and I was mostly over it Saturday morning!

That's all for Friday. More to follow...

Autumn Piper

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D'Ann said...

Really stinks about your sunglass bags. Darn it anyway. I hope you track them down.

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