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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Meeting Jennifer Weiner was awesome! I'd planned to take her copies of my books, and then on the way over pretty much talked myself out of it, thinking she was on this whirlwind tour and didn't want a bunch of clunky books to lug around. Then my pal suggested I ask her if I could send her copies she could read on her Kindle... which seemed like a better idea.

Then, when we walked inside Tattered Cover, the first thing we saw was a huge display for books by Rocky Mountain Authors... so I went back to the truck for my books, talked to an employee, and left them for the lady who does acquisitions. Left her my card, and got her phone # and email addy, so hopefully something will come of that and I'll have my books in Tattered Cover stores!

Jennifer Weiner delivered a 30 minute monologue (very funny!) to a pretty large crowd--so large that the bookstore did not have enough cupcakes to go around (Jennifer gives out cupcakes at all her signings for this tour). She's got lots of wonderful fodder, with a mother who came out of the closet at 54, lots of commentary about politicians cheating (her newest book is about a wife of a cheating politician), family life, and J-Date("the internet dating site for the unchosen chosen people"). Loved how she dropped the f-bomb and really got the crowd revved up.

While we waited in line for signing, I met a really nice lady who seems to attend many signings at that store. We talked about Jen's books and mine, and RomCon (she didn't go this year, but might next year), and writing in general.

I got Jennifer Weiner to sign my Reader (it's looking quite star-studded now) and my copy of Best Friends Forever. And Amanda poked me (literally!) until I swallowed my shyness and mentioned my books to Jennifer, asked if I could send them to her, and she said, "No. I'll buy them. I can buy them. What's your pen name?" Wow! So gracious and nice! I gave her my bookmarks, and left feeling positively giddy. I mean, wouldn't it be amazing if she read them and liked them? Of course it would! And she's smart, too, because the ball is totally in her court.

My kids hardly fought at all during the trip (thank you God), the mudslide on I-70 happened after we'd gotten home... Yep. A pretty good time.

Now I'm off to email that acquisitions lady. Happy reading!

Autumn Piper

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