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Friday, July 30, 2010

Self reading?

Got my "galleys" back for Fallen Star Trouble today. For all you non-writers, this means it's my final chance to read through and check for any flubs--big or small. Later on, I'll also get a print galley, where the pages will be typeset for print, so it looks much different on the screen. Usually by the time an author gets galleys, he/she is really sick and tired of working on that book.

Me? Well, my edits haven't been too tough for this one, so I'm not really burned out with it.

But it kinda got me thinking. I wonder how many authors read their finished books? Like, sometimes I'll be doing something with one of my print books and I'll flip a page open and read a few paragraphs and think, "Wow. I did that? I like that!" :)

So I'd love to hear from other authors... If you're published, do you ever sit down and read your own book(s)? If you're still working on getting pubbed, do you crack open that file and read sometimes, just because you like the story/characters?

Autumn Piper

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Stephanie said...

I was reading through some of the beginning of A Bitch Named Karma today...participating in an arts festival this weekend and I'll be reading an excerpt. I just did all the reading for my print galley not too long I haven't had the chance to miss it yet!