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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pat(ter) Yourself on the Back

It's a brand new year. Take a break from worrying about how you'll improve yourself in the upcoming months and reflect. Think about something great you did in '08. Something uncalled-for, or exceptionally kind. Or just right. Maybe you met a goal you set for yourself, or helped somebody else. Could be big or small.

Hey, I'll get us started. A financial babystep: I haven't had a NSF notice from my bank in over 6 months! (LOL and noooo, I did not just request to have them sent electronically). Now see, surely you can top that.

Family-wise, well, we're living in the country in a house that isn't by any means fancy, but I'll tell ya. I just get a vibe here, something that tells me, "Things will be okay here". And that counts for a lot.

Mr. Cornfuscius has a new job, one that's steady, in the daytime, and not nearly as dangerous as when he did electrical repairs and installs on the drilling rigs. And he's a Master electrician now! (note the capital on Master - between you and me, only. He won't hear me calling him that...)

Parenting? Well, what can I say? I've restrained myself from supergluing them together for fighting, so I'm feeling pretty proud.

I've got 2 books coming out this year. Finally!

Another proud demonstration of restraint: We did not return to the house we rented from the Landbitch(she was no lady) From Hell and squirt derogatory (if true) words about her in the lawn with bottles of Round-Up, like we vowed to, after vacating her squat little piece of crap tract home.

And on the "just because it was the right thing to do" list, I fessed up to the school district when they overpaid me by a half day. Even though on occasion I've covered for more than one person at work. Even though the sub budget goes grossly underspent. Even though nobody would've ever noticed. Just cause it was the right thing to do. Cha-ching goes the karma register.

See? My list might not look like much to somebody else, but it's a big deal to me. Give yourself a break and be proud. You were Great in '08!

Happy New Year, everybody! I think this one's gonna be the best one yet.


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Jasmine Black said...

Okay let's see... I was published in ebook in 2008! So I am now published. I have another book coming out in Feb.

Work is going great. I had a special project for over a year. I had to have under 25 cases left of them by Dec 31. I met that goal.

Even though I have no control over this one, but my hair grew at least 6 inches in the last year. So I am on track for meeting my goal of 12 inches in 2009. Once I have 6 more inches I'll cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love. (I've done it 4 times before.)

I finished a short story and submitted it to Coming Together, which was another goal. Now I just have to wait and see if it is accepted. (oh, the wait.) But no matter what the outcome, I meet that goal, too.

Happy New Year!

Sutton Fox said...

It's January second and I'm just now reading this. I guess procrastination is high on my list for 2009. *pat-pat* Good job ladies!