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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay, girls. I want to know if anybody has a definitive answer for this:

You’re stranded on a tropical island with only

  • your biggest heartthrob ever (think Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, etc)
  • one beauty item, which you chose and snatched from the floor of the plane shortly before jumping with your ‘chute.

Which beauty item did you choose? And let's make this harder – HunkMan has a comb you can use.

I think I'd probably choose mascara. Although if we were stranded long, that would run out. Maybe my favorite hair scrunchy? Toothbrush?

A couple of health and beauty DON'TS, from Mrs. Cornfuscius:

  1. If your daughter plays Spa with you, don't allow her to use hand and body lotion on your face. Not good for the complexion.
  2. The meditative effects of yoga are somewhat negated by slurping a Rock Star energy drink between poses. (Dude! Like, my everything was wagging by the time I got to Downward-Facing Dog.)

Fear not, it's Thursday. We've almost made it through the week.


Got romance?


Jasmine Black said...

My first thought was a brush. So, no fair.

My second thought was a toothbrush, but then I thought it was more like the health part in the health and beauty aid.

So, I'll go with a manicure set. Who knows, those mini tools could come in handy.

Felicity said...

um...toothpaste. it can double as a buffer paste for my nails, LOL!