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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

Nothing to review this week, but I'm working on Pigtopia, by Kitty Fitzgerald. Loving it.

Now. What am I watching?
American Idol. God, I love that show. Got all vehklempt with the opening montage. Watching all those people with the emotional highs and lows of the show... yowza. And no, it's not a hormone thing. My very favorite part (no, not all the goofballs who show up, although I enjoy them just like the next person) is when Simon winks. Something about that guy...he's not wildly handsome or anything, but when he smiles, his face just lights up. And the winks make my heart pitter-patter.

I think Idol is just about the best thing about January. Even better than big sales.

Now, if only there was some sort of discovery show like this, for writers....American Novelist? Noveling with the Bestsellers? Noveling Idol?

Got romance?

P.S. What am I not reading? New ebooks on my Sony Reader. Why? Because so many ebook retailers ONLY offer their selections in Mobi format. Thanks very little. But that's a long topic for another day...

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Jasmine Black said...

I know what you mean about Simon. But I do love the goofballs. I love it when Randy starts laughing and dancing along with them, you know they are really bad then.

Oh and is a great place to shop for ebooks they offer a lot of different formats. But I read ebooks on my palmTX in PDF, I don't know what you can read on Sony.