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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watcha Doin' Wednesday

Not reading so much. Not even editing a whole lot right now. Working on my own marketing and promo, actually. I feel like this is the part where I can really mess up. This is what I've got to get right, to make my books successful.

Yacking about my books coming out will only take me so far (though 2 of my fab friends have already told me they ordered All Fore Revenge off Amazon, so that rocks!). In order to get out there and grab attention, I've got to really reach. And do something different, ya know?

So. I believe Fantasy Mountain is going to need 2 separate trailers: one for the resort, one for Victoria and Brett. (Have I mentioned how much I love his accent? Reading him last weekend made me fall for him all over again. Those English accents... yeah, baby!) I'm in the process of building a website for Fantasy Mountain, too. Hopefully it'll be fun once it's done. And still thinking about the brochure - is it something I can send along with my publisher's PR lady to conventions and the like?

Whatever I do, it won't be more of the "same ole". Gotta stand out in this business, or you'll simply get buried.

Sometimes the muse taps me on the shoulder and titters, "Yoohoo, Piper? What are you going to sell now? You better write some more..." But I suppose that's a worry for another day.

Piper Denna
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