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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a short rant today.
You know how you see those houses with Christmas lights still up, in like, the middle of summer?
Now, I'm not talking about when it takes a couple months to get out there and pull down the stone-cold-stiff strands of lights, or when your lights are frozen in a glacial floe (like mine were last year) so it's like, March before you're "de-holidayed".
Regardless of how long you leave your lights up this year, you're okay.
Because I keep seeing houses decorated to the nines, with the gaint blow-up items, animated reindeer, wooden cutouts... and guess what? The owners are still turning on the power every night!!!

Cracks me up.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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Felicity Kates said...

Wait a minute. I do believe my fancy-dancy purple LED outdoor lights were left up all last year...but I stopped turning them on at the end of February. *big cheezy grin* It took so much cajoling to get DH to sting them in the first place, I've decided the effort involved in cajoling him to take them back down is more problematic than being tacky, heh.