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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watcha Readin' Wednesday - Galleys!

Just looked over my very final, very real, very exciting galleys (galleys, to those not in the publishing industry, means something like a last draft, where the file is formatted so all the pages appear exactly like they'll be on genuine PAPER pages!!) of All Fore Revenge.

Oh yes, I am in Pumpedville today, friends and neighbors.

February 2, 2009 is the release date for All Fore Revenge IN PRINT.

Pardon me while I happy-dance away now.

Romance is sexy!


Amanda said...

I'm stoked! Will All Fore Revenge be available at the Big-A? Or shall I purchase my copy from the Lyrical Press site??

Feb 2 is a great day for both of us. It's my LAST day at work. WAHOO!!!

Piper Denna said...

Can't wait til Feb 2. we'll party!

AFR will be available at the Big-A too. LPI is probably a retailer there, and LPI sells through lots of 3rd party booksellers. Once Ingram's gets it in their catalog, it'll be widely available for bookstores to carry.

I'm waiting to see what MY discount/buying procedure will be. Maybe I can get you one and sign it for ya.