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Thursday, December 11, 2008

p.m. post

My sincere apologies for today's tardy post.

I was only supposed to work in the afternoon today - had planned on a quiet morning blogging and editing one of my manuscripts which is heading off for copy edits soon.

Instead, I was on the way to school with my kids and got a call asking me if I could cover the entire day for this teacher instead. So I delivered the kidlets and rushed home lickety-split, fixed hair and makeup, dressed, scarfed Instant Grits, packed a lunch, and cruised again.

And let me tell ya, the rest of the day has been every bit as hectic, from overlyenergetic 5th graders to waiting thru the line at Walmart pharmacy not just once but three times! while they got dh's prescription charges in the system. Did I mention we returned items, too? Oh yeah, it was THAT kind of day - the one-person-at-service-desk-with-10-people-in-line kind of day.

Good news is, tomorrow we have no school. Which means the kidlets and I are going nowhere.


All I want for Christmas is time to write.

Got romance?

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