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Monday, December 22, 2008

Peekers, Confess!

This is not a sucky Monday because I don't have to work (no Things That Suck today). So I'll turn my attention to holiday matters.

First up: Car commercials, urging people to give the gift of a luxury auto this Christmas, you know, to top those marvelous childhood memories of The Very Best Christmas Ever. yeah right. As if! I'm thinking the people who can afford to give a freaking Lexus this Christmas (especially this year!) probably aren't sitting at home on their LaZboy watching Bones or CSI. I'd think they'd have high-end charity functions to attend or they'd need to comb their toupee and practice saying, "You're fired".

Next up: For the first time ever, I've purchased and wrapped the kids Christmas gifts ahead of time. Which means on Christmas Eve after we return from the MIL's (a bit tipsy from selfmedicating with wine) I won't have to stay up late wrapping presents!!! big yayy! But while wrapping and listening to Jack Johnson yesterday, I got to thinking about kids peeking at their gifts.

Confession time: I'd like to hear some stories about people who've peeked inside the giftwrap, or snooped in the closet (or browsed through the bank account online) to see what they're getting. Or maybe even spied on Santa. Poor Mr. Cornfuscius snuck out and hid behind the couch when he was young, and was absolutely devastated when he caught "Santa". In fact, I think he's still destroyed over it!

So here's your chance to fess up. Don't worry - Mom and Dad don't read this, so they'll never know.

Merry Monday!

Romance is sexy!

PS.We'll be reviewing Lori Foster's Unexpected this Wednesday - that was a fast read!

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