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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Sweetest Things

Our new house came with a bonus: fruit trees. We got here at the tail-end of the apricots, as most of them had already fallen. And the plum tree isn't looking so good. However, the peaches were almost ready. Something I've never had before is fall-off-the-tree-ripe peaches. YUM! (you can't get them this ripe at the store, or even a fruit-stand or orchard)(note how I whipped out the fanciest bowl ever for the photo-shoot)

The tree truly is small still, so this is all we got (plus just a few which fell and the roly-poly bugs were quick to start eating). Actually, it's just the right amount. Maybe next year with some loving care, the tree will produce more. Then I could tree slicing and freezing some.

Think I'll go get all sticky and have one now.

Autumn Piper
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