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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Revelation

Call it a lightbulb moment, call it an "aha moment" as my friend Oprah--who still emails me several times a week--does. Either way, it was a Revelation in Parenting.

As I was leaving the middle school office yesterday and chatting with two other moms of both boys and girls, we were wondering which are tougher to raise through adolescence. None of us could decide, but as we discussed mood swings, hormone surges, and behavior shifts, I recognized the difference in the sexes. So here it is:

Boys get moody just as often as girls, but when something is bothering them, you have no idea what it is (I think a cranky teen boy could withstand Chinese water torture when "clammed up"). But girls? When something has upset a girl (small or big), everybody within a 5 mile radius hears about it (see drama).

So that's it. Most of the rest of it is the same, except girls do have lots more little stuff (see accessories) they need to pack up or apply before leaving the house, causing dads to blow gaskets.

Have a great weekend,

Autumn Piper
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