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Monday, September 13, 2010

Some things are fine to leave behind!

OK, so it's been a week since I blogged. Well, let me just say, it took til Thursday to get internet and, well... the internet guy is coming back today because the darn connection won't keep. Weak signal or some such. It's tough to be online right now.

Anyway. Finished cleaning out at the "old" house yesterday, and aside from the improvements we made while there, we aren't leaving much behind... except this one item, which I ditched with relish:
Yep, that's ye olde dish drainer. Which I no longer need because I'm back in the land o' the dishwasher. Woohoo! (You'll note from the photo, I never did get around to stripping off that dated wallpaper in the kitchen and painting either... but what can I say? The wallpaper pretty much goes with the rest of the decor in that house. yeek.) My kids are also ecstatic we no longer need the dish drainer. They've always been good about rinsing and putting dishes directly into the dishwasher, but they are even more conscious about it now, after having done dish duty for the last year of our residence at the farm house.

I'd better post before the connection fails again.

Autumn Piper
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Kate Reedwood said...

LOL! That picture just says it all. Congrats on the new house and the get-out-of-dish-pan-hands-free card. Dishwashers are awesome! And welcome back to blogging. Here's hoping the internet guy can fix your connection pronto.