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Monday, September 27, 2010

Destiny Chimes

A few years ago, I bought a rag-tag, rusty windchime from a yard sale somewhere. It had farm animals on it, and seemed cute.

Never mind the fact that its cows are the same size as its was
quaint. It always hung kinda weird though--it has 2 chains at the top, and something seemed, well... missing.

Flash forward to last month when we chose a new place to live. Out front under the spruce tree was part of a windchime. Rusty, with the same types of little bells. Only it was obvious this was only part of a set. Just one lone kitty.

So in the process of moving in (taking a break from the boring inside office/desk part of unpacking... I'm still on that break, by the way...) I decided to go hang up my outside stuff on the back deck.

And guess what? My old chimes had been missing the top all this time. The top has one bigger chain to hang it by... and it's a kitty. Which connects to my cows and such. This top piece appears to be the missing part of the set I've had for several years. (insert Twilight Zone theme)

So here's the finished product (expertly re-united using floral wire).

I like the kitty at the top, too... cats love to be up high. Still, every time I look at it, I can't help thinking how the parts came to be together. Some things are just meant to be, right?

Have a great day.

Autumn Piper

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Amanda said...

woah. You're freaking me out. I love the chimes!!