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Friday, September 17, 2010

The just-in-time topic

We spent some time with an old acquaintance today, and the conversation inspired this post.

He did something so out of the ordinary, it really rated some thought.

When he was dating his (now) wife, he had her credit checked before he'd propose. Now, this might not sound too good, especially since he did it without her consent at the time, and I kinda thought he was out of line when he first told me.
But. Not only did he want to make sure her credit wouldn't mess up his (he's fastidious about money), but he told us it'd be a way to find out if she'd been married, or any number of other personal things. Probably even info about jobs she'd had, vs what she may have told him. (And sordid as it may sound, I related to this, because I know someone who married a guy and didn't tell him about her first marriage. At all. Or that some of her kids were from that first marriage, not all from the next one. So hey, yeah, people really can keep that kind of info back.)

That sounds mighty distrusting and suspicious of him, doesn't it? Yes... Because he then admitted he'd been "burned" by lots of women before her who'd lied to him. So now I just think it's sad. And his wife doesn't have a problem with it. Says she'd have done the same to him if she'd thought of it.

So hey. They're sympatico. And at the top of the credit score chart no doubt, LOL.

And that's all I got today. Friday funny in a more "unusual" funny sense.

Have a great weekend.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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