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Monday, May 3, 2010

Office hands

Today's word of the day from the Urban Dictionary:

Office hands: someone who has soft hands for doing office work and little or no hard labor.

Ahh. We've all seen 'em. Question is, do you like them, or not? On a man, in the old days they usually meant he was really well off and didn't have to "work" -- but nowadays they can just mean he's a geek who hides out in a cubicle with a computer all day, and doesn't necessary make much money at it. Conversely, maybe he's a teacher, and that's not a bad thing, but with really soft hands he must not like many diverse activities. On a woman, office hands are probably more desirable, the hallmark of a woman who's led a feminine existence (or been terribly dedicated to gloves). and probably never had a job which involved any hot cooking appliances or tools.

Personally, I like my man's hands to have a few nicks and scars, and definitely some muscle. Kinda bothers me now to shake some guy's hand and have his be softer than mine!


Piper Denna

Romance is sexy!

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