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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back in the turnstile

Got my first round of content edits for Fallen Star Trouble yesterday. This wasn't a surprise -- I've been expecting (and perhaps dreading) them. Publication happens on a schedule, so when your edits show up, you'd better be ready to put whatever is going on in your life--including but not limited to a really healthy run of writing--on hold, to get your part of the job finished and back to the ed so the book is ready for its next phase. Don't want to hold up anybody else, and that's exactly what happens if you slack off.

To say these edits arrived at a busy time is a bit of an understatement, but hey. I'm still new enough at this game to be thankful each and every time I get a book contracted, so it's all good. Unlike my other published books, this one hadn't gone through the exhaustive critique process my others had (although most of it was written and self-edited with more experience than the others). Critiques from a good group usually include lots of atta-girls, which every writer needs. On this book, I'd had 3 beta readers, two who gave positive feedback and the other... well, let's just call her response Less Than Stellar. So I've had a few nerves going in, wondering whether I'd get the 2 page email attached to a file marked up with more warpaint than a Native at the Little Bighorn. Would I have to do extensive rewriting? Remove some of the focus from my secondary characters and my heroine's job? I could be looking at a lot of work, if my editor found big gaffes.

Big sigh of relief, though. My pages are still mainly white. LOL. A few suggestions here and there to streamline, but it's really going to be a breeze to make these minor adjustments. Have I mentioned I love my editor? And even though I'll be way, way tired of looking at this manuscript in about a month, that's okay. I still love getting published, too.

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