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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fearless Honesty

On our way to school yesterday morning, the kids and I saw my nephew riding his bike... and TEXTING. Yep. Elbows on handlebars, hands out front holding the phone and punching buttons. Because sometimes he looks pretty wobbly when operating the bike with both hands, this sight sparked a few giggles and crash predictions, while my son (same age as the bike texter) invented names for the infraction, such as Biking While Texting (BWT).

"I couldn't text while biking," I admitted after the quips quieted. "I'd wreck for sure." Heck, I once had a minor bicycle crash while trying to replace my water bottle in its holder. Ever since, I pull over to sip. (Besides, what a scary view I'd give everybody if I leaned forward on my bike far enough to hold the handlebars with my elbows!)

And my daughter says... (God bless her for giving me so many cute things to use as blogfodder), "I can't even walk and read my watch at the same time."

:) It's always a good thing when somebody knows and respects their limitations, no?

Autumn Piper
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Chandra Ryan said...

LOL! I can't walk and read my watch either. My biggest problem seems to be when I try to walk and daydream at the same time, though. That never ends well :)