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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not quite a spelunker

For lack of a more exciting (or writing -relevant) blog topic, here's what I'm up to today:

Heading to nearby Glenwood Springs with my son's 8th grade class, to the Glenwood Caverns. We'll take the cave tour, and the kids'll ride all the newest attractions. Who knows, maybe I'll ride some of those too...

We've been there before, and the caves never cease to impress me. Hubby-head did the electrical for the tramway and restaurant/gift shop, as well as other buildings at the top. It's a really neat local attraction. The caves are privately owned and had been closed to the public until about 2000. When they first re-opened, the tour required a treacherous ride up the mountain to access them. Now it's easy and fun to get there (so long as you're not afraid of heights!).

Have a great day.

Autumn Piper
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