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Monday, May 24, 2010

Completely, Believably Lost

I watched the finale of LOST last night -- as well as the 2-hour summary episode before it. Even though we've missed a few episodes here and there, my family has followed the show since it started. I think part of its success was its ability to leave people a little confused all the time, which stirred up more questions. Some very unbelievable things happened on that island, as well as in their future, past, and "sideways" time continuums. Crazy things, like smoke monsters, immortality, ghosts... you name something wild, it probably happened on LOST.

Still, even on last night's episode when we were wondering just how the sideways continuum caused some people to be exactly the same as if Oceanic 815 never crashed, but some others were totally different (Sawyer as a cop? NOT!), and how Jack could all but die inside the island's heart with the "bright light" but wake up out in the middle of a stream.... we'd ask how/why, but still watch. Why? Simple. The writers had that supremest of all supreme writer skill: Suspension of Disbelief. The magical power to get readers/viewers to put aside all manner of reality and just go with the story.

Ahh. And isn't wonderful to be transported so? I was especially swept away by the romance involved in the last few hours of the show. And wow. The writers did a wonderful job with it. Even the dudes who watched had to be (silently, inwardly, so as not to be caught) sighing.

And the end... was it satisfying? I had to think on it. But yes. For me it was. I'm still left with many unanswered questions, but that's part of the beauty of this series. For me to be so wrapped up in it mentally that even after it ended, I still think about... Yes, it was very skillfully done. Suspension of Disbelief, folks.

Autumn Piper
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