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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Got the "I want"s

Last Saturday, hubby and I went window shopping... There are a couple things I've been wanting, and now after getting up close and personal with them, I've kinda got it bad.

First, Dansko shoes... man. I'm not even set on any particular style (although I do love these), but once I
tried them on and felt how comfy they are, I was hooked. A bunch of my teacher pals wear them, and I can see how they'd be comfy all day long!

And second--this one's got a little bigger pricetag...

I've always wanted a Jeep. And now the kids are bigger, it's obviously not the best plan to go for a 2 door vehicle. We checked out the 4 door options, though, and they're awesome--plenty of room inside for kids and their junk. Nice options, too--and at a lot lower price than other SUVs with the same options. Let us not forget the COOL factor. Jeeps rock!

So here I am. Feeling all consumer-y. Now where's that winning Lottery ticket?

Autumn Piper
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Anonymous said...

We have a Jeep Liberty, but we want that *Wrangler* I think?... the Black Ops Edition.

- Renee R.

Sutton Fox said...

Love my Danskos. Wear them all day at trade shows and they're awesome.

Good luck with the lottery. I could totally see you hauling the kidlets around in a Jeep. They do rock!