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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dog driving Buick

Today when I pulled up and parked at the supermarket, this dog caught my eye. And made me laugh out loud. Don't ask me why--maybe because it reminds me of that painting, Dogs Playing Poker.

And he had such a serious, concentrated look on his face. It just caught me off guard, I don't know. He seemed so matter-of-fact, like he was just sitting there waiting for his person to come back so he could drive her home...and he maintained that stalwart position even when I got out and took his picture. Smarmy, I know. But I did sit there and giggle, and even remembered to snap a picture. So there ya have it--I'm a dork that way.

Autumn Piper
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1 comment:

Sutton Fox said...

Very cute. He does look awfully serious. Don't you just love dogs? They make you laugh in spite of yourself.