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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going official--with the State Department

Hubby and I are going to apply for our passports today. We've never had them (he may have when he was small, for a trip to Spain), but now we're planning a trip for our 100th anniversary this summer (did I say 100th? I meant 20th. And yeah, that's a longass time, and no, we're not as old as that sounds--we were just crazy-young when we got married.)

Anyway. Back to the topic. So I've filled out the paperwork and printed it (using the nifty fill-in PDF--"like!").

And here's the exciting part. Under "Occupation"... I put WRITER. Because here's the thing. Passports are good for like half a hundred years (or 10, something like that). In 10 years, I might still be editing(that's getting more and more lucrative--I've now got 18 pubbed books on my roster, and by the end of the year it'll be 30!), and I might still be substituting (God help me!), but I'm certain if I'm still on this earth, I'll still be writing.

And there ya are.

So do you think the IRS would be okay with me writing off a trip to Jamaica, if I come back home and pen a novel set there? :)

Autumn Piper
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Sutton Fox said...

Congrats! The upcoming trip sounds like great fun. For research, yeah, that's what I meant. lol.