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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't tell Ma Nature

... some things are growing in my back yard, even though it's only March (in Western Colorado, no less!). Bulb-type things, that I want to grow:

I went snooping outside this week. These are in an actual flower bed. Wish I could remember what was t
here last fall when we m
oved in. But I guess it'll be a surprise. Anyway, later on they'll be accompanied by the many dahlias I've started inside in containers.

And these live a rather "sheltered" life against a retaining wall, so it's no surprise they're peeking out. Iris? Seem too thin to be tulips.

These little darlings popped up under one of the fruit trees. I'm pretty sure they're iris. I love the people who lived here before and planted bulbs!!

So that's it for me. Spring is getting closer. Much earlier than it did the last 2 years, and yet... not soon enough. :)

Autumn Piper
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