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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bradley and Baseball... no foolin'!

OK. In lieu of some big April fool's joke, I thought I'd do a little tribute to baseball, whose season is officially OPEN now (God, I love anything indicative of summer).

So I went searching for photos of hot baseball players--dang, they're a modest bunch! Where's the Studs of Baseball Calendar?--and what did I turn up? (please pardon the italics. it's the next best thing to capitals, because I am shouting)

Bradley Cooper is going to play in a baseball movie. One that's part comedy.

Oh. My. Heart.

I just love baseball (I've got some coverage about that on my site), and I adore movies about baseball, and I live for comedy. Bradley Cooper... well. He's not so hard to look at, right?

Wow. All I can dig up is, it's a movie Disney is producing... and there's a new movie Bradley is working on with Anne Hathaway, but not much info on it (I love Anne Hathaway too!). Perhaps that one.

So. For lack of hottie baseball pics, here's a hottie Bradley pic to leave you with.
Happy April!

Autumn Piper
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1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Yum! I'll take a pic of Bradley Cooper over a baseball player any day!!