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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once you go black...

OK, so now that I've got your attention...

This post is about hair color.

Mine has been on the dark side (insert Vader-Voice) for the past several years, and though I've tried going a little lighter lately, piling hair color on top of hair color every 4 weeks pretty much results in... dark. So I finally gave up the ghost and decided to visit my friendly hair girl, to have her professional lighten the entire mess--which basically means stripping out the color I had, and then putting in a new color over the resulting orange (true story--hair is not clear if all color is removed--it's orange. Mine is Carrot-Top Orange). So now, after 3 hours in the chair, I'm finally back to my natural (previous, anyway--my natural color now falls somewhere between "tinsel" and "nickel") hair color. A very light golden brown, fastened to a rather tender scalp.

Lesson learned? Don't go to a really dark hair color unless you intend to stay that way... or have a really strange growing-out period.

Autumn Piper
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