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Thursday, April 14, 2011


The following are actual bits of conversation I heard from a nearby group of teenage girls at a baseball game (you decide whether they're funny or frightful):

Why is the moon out in the daytime??? That's just weird. (Kindergarten science, anyone? Thank God one of the girls was an IB student and could explain, or my sub-head might've imploded)

You're not actually broken up unless your Facebook says you're single. If it doesn't, then you're still togetherrrr. (Oh, so that's how you tell. I'll have to remember for my future novels.)

I'm H2O intolerant.

And that's what's going on in the minds of today's youth.

Autumn Piper
Got teens?


Sutton Fox said...

Funny. Nope, thank goodness they're grown. Don't think my head could take them full time anymore.

Love to spend time with other people's though, they make me laugh. And I don't have to keep them!

Stephanie said...

The FB thing is funny!!! The H2O thing..were they quoting "Finding Nemo"? The little seahorse is H2O intolerant! LOL!