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Friday, November 12, 2010

To please a teen

Some kids seem to want, want... all kinds of stuff. I have one who happens to be more single-minded, so it's hard to excite him unless you're handing over that One Thing he wants at the time.

But every once in a while...

Like last weekend, when we were clothes shopping (much to his chagrin) and we stumbled across a DVD that got him sooo pumped. When he was small, we used to rent videos from the local grocery store. On Tuesdays, it was $0.99 kids' movies. And almost every dang Tuesday, we came home with... Gumby. It's not that common of a favorite, but it sure was his.

Needless to say, I sprung $5.99 and bought a copy for him. And he laughed the whole time watching it, remembering the scenes.

Kinda like those credit card ads:

Gumby movie: $5.99
Seeing your kid smile that smile you remember from when he was a toddler: Priceless

Autumn Piper

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