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Monday, November 1, 2010


Pardon me for a few seconds while I rant (and believe me, I had awesome news for today but it's getting usurped until tomorrow so I can do this, I need to vent that bad).

Halloween. A night for little kids to dress up and go from house to house singing, "Trick or treat!" and receive candy from strangers, while Mom or Dad or some other trusted big person goes along to make sure they are safe.

This is a lovely picture of Life As It Should Be. So for all the greedy, annoying adults (and yes, they were adults, not older teens) who were running around last night with a candy bucket begging, let me remind you--the candy giveaway is for kids. That also goes for mommies out with their little ones... I don't buy candy for you to carry around your own bucket, you greedy jerk. Just because people are giving stuff away does not mean they want to give it to you. Maybe next month buy one less eyeliner and you can afford a bag of candy of your own.

Also, parents who drive around behind their kids in a car. Really? You're too fat/lazy/ignorant/obsessed with your phone to get out and walk down one side of the street behind your kids, then up the other side, where your car waits? You cannot see what's going on with your kids from the lit-up inside of your car anyway, so it's not like you're keeping them safe. Besides that, you're blinding the other kids with your headlights, congesting the would be different if it was a rural area, or one where only a few houses were handing out candy. But this is basically every house here. Sheesh.

The true kids I saw last night were all very respectful, used "thank you", didn't try to wreck anything... I even had a few teens stop for photos with my scarecrow. It's just adults who are attempting to ruin the fun.

Done ranting now.

Autumn Piper
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Stephanie said...

Wow! Someone else posted today about parents driving behind the kids...I have never ever seen/heard that before and it is just ridiculous!!! I love walking with the kids! It was so nice this year to finally not have to bring a stroller or wagon.

Sutton Fox said...

You have got to be kidding me!! Self-absorbed much?