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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's on!

With today's release of Harry Potter, the holiday movie season has officially started. To my thinking, this is the best movie season of the year--action blockbusters are okay, but there're always many more movies out around the holidays which I'd like to see.

On my wishlist:

Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've read 'em all, and I intend to see 'em all. And you know... yesterday morning on the radio, the DJ's were talking about JK Rowling, and how she became a billionaire from writing books. That's billion, with a "b". Kinda gives you goosebumps. Honestly, even if the movies had started sucking, I'd still be going.

Next up, The Tourist--with Johnny Depp. Some other big names in there, too... but I don't really care about them! Here's a link for the trailer.

And last, but certainly not least: Love and Other Drugs, with Anne Hathaway (and Jake. Let us not forget Jake). I truly enjoy Anne Hathaway. She might be the new Julia Roberts.

This trailer made me laugh out loud til my kids thought I was nuts (or more nuts), and the soundtrack is awesome.

Autumn Piper

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Sutton Fox said...

Great list. Think I'll be sneaking away from work for a matinee, with Harry and pals.

Can you be 'more' nuts? lol.