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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And there it all goes..

You know how everybody's always telling you "back up your data"? And you do...sometimes. But maybe not quite as often as you should.


Yes, this is one of those reminders. Because yesterday, quite without warning (my laptop wasn't hiccuping and making me worry, no acting up whatsoever), I killed my computer and probably all the data on it. I'll claim full responsibility... it was me who walked up to it with my slippers on, and didn't think ahead to touch some other surface first, but POW! this bolt of static electricity zapped us both. It was a terminal zap for my dear Dell.

The good news is, my "work" work is all backed up, thanks to Lyrical Press's steadfast protocols. I only lost some personal stuff, like the last 2 days of writing (which dear daughter pointed out I can rewrite and it'll probably be much better the 2nd time around. *hrmph.*), and a couple of spreadsheets... and some pictures. Not to mention iTunes is going to flip its lid when I eventually sign on a new computer with our family account--it'll probably prohibit me from transferring my music, which will be a huge pin in the butt. But lots of my stuff is still saved on sticks from when I had to do a system restore last May.

But hey... the good news is, Black Friday is upon us, so I should be able to score a new laptop pretty cheap. And set about restoring all my files, ebooks, music, programs...

Fun times.

But I am still thankful--thankful for the trusty desktop. It's not lightning-fast, but it works.

Autumn Piper
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