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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of blizzards and gizzards

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and we having quite the winter storm. That's not necessarily the norm here in western Colorado (see Waiting for Revenge, LOL) -- we usually have a pretty mild Thanksgiving. Elsewhere in the state, though? Expect a major storm.

When I was a kid, we used to journey across the state to Holyoke, Colorado--almost in Nebraska--every year for turkey day. The guys (keeping up a fine pilgrim tradition) would hunt pheasants in the morning and come back in time to mash the potatoes and carve the turkey. And more than half the time, a blizzard would hit, extending our visit. If not where we were on the plains, then there'd be a severe winter storm on the passes of the Rocky Mountains, which we had to go through/over to journey home.

So today we've got a blizzard here in the mountains. Don't have to go anywhere, except maybe the post office. And it's making me just a little reminiscent.

Happy pre-turkey day to ya, and if you're traveling, be careful out there!

Autumn Piper
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1 comment:

Sutton Fox said...

Holy moly, woman. Nothing like driving from one end of the state to the other.:)

Raced in Holyoke once. Storms out there blow forever. Guess because there's nothing to stop them.

Awww, now I think I'm a tiny bit homesick. Enjoy the snow. And the holiday!